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Penelope Cruz, W Magazine, and Eyebrows

Friday, August 17, 2012

Photographers: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot; Stylist: Edward Enninful; Makeup: Charlotte Tilburty; Hair: Pablo Iglesias
First of all, this cover is AHMAHZING (in the words of my second favourite Penny). It is my favourite of the September issues and therefore deserves a dedicated post. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased W as it is not always the easiest to come across in my part of the world. However, I am going to hunt this issue down when I head into London next week.

Penelope looks strong, sophisticated and beautiful as always. The general consensus seems to be that it oozes 90's Supermodel and I completely agree. It’s not about the clothes or the makeup (even though they work by being subtly genius), it is all about Penelope. The hair, the steely eyes, the EYEBROWS are all saying ‘Si, I am fabulous, and what?’. When I look at it, I can totally hear that Stella Artois advert.

Now, back to the eyebrows. The other day, whilst fuelling my gossip blog addiction by trawling through Celebitchy, I was drawn to this discussion on Lily Collins’ eyebrows. Now, as someone with an unintentional statement brow, I had never really noticed Lily’s but apparently for some of the pluckers out there it has been an ongoing debate. I think her eyebrows are great! Much more interesting and fashion forward than the purposefully non-existent style, however that is just my own biased opinion. Why should she ‘tame’ her brows? Beauty is wholly subjective so do whatever floats your boat. Can you tell this is a bit of a raw spot for me?

Anyway, sweetie darling Penelope shows all of us full eyebrowed followers of fashion how to work it. Someone in the comments of the Celebitchy post later said (and I am paraphrasing from memory) that they didn’t understand the hoo-ha because bold eyebrows had been a thing in Europe for yonks. As a European, I guess this is true and is the reason why I had never considered the Lily Collins eyebrow debate before. In fact, I think hair in general is treated differently on the continent but that’s a worthwhile debate for another day.

For the time being, enjoy Penelope in all her fierce amazingness.

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