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Growing Up Is Hard To Do (Especially With A Baby Face)

Friday, September 7, 2012


Those of us who trawl the gossip blogs on a daily basis will be well aware of this film as we were constantly bombarded with candids from the set of Spring Breakers. At first everyone was shocked to see the tween queens cavorting around in neon bikinis and then interest turned to bemusement as candids of a James Franco in some K-Fed 2.0 get up hit the interweb. The IMDBers and other film lovers were anxious and excited to see what Harmony Korine was creating. I haven’t seen anything from him before (to be honest, I’ve never heard of him) but I have to say I was-and still am- intrigued as well. The consensus from critics at the festival seems to be that it is not as controversial as the on set pictures would suggest but it is a decent enough film.

However, all of this background chatter is kind of irrelevant for the tween queen’s as they will be hoping this film is the bridge for them to crossover into more adult roles- the life raft out of teeny bopper land. This is what fascinates me the most. I want them all to do well. I have a soft spot for Selena Gomez because, like me, she unfortunately has a baby face (well unfortunately for now anyway. She will be grateful for it in twenty years time, I’m sure). As a result, people are often quick to forget that she is actually twenty years old (it also doesn’t help that she is constantly papped with The Biebs). Therefore, it’s about time she starts to shed her Disney persona and begins to branch out. The same goes for Vanessa Hudgens who I often, inexplicably, feel sorry for. I think she was done over by the whole Zac Efron thing and it’s high time she got her chance to shine again. 

But enough amateur gossip analysis, onto the style transformations that solidifies this whole Time To Grow Up campaign. 

Selena Gomez attended the photocall with a nod to Autumn's luxurious brocade trend in a decadent Dolce & Gabbana number. She then glammed up in Atelier Versace for the premiere. Both looks are mature without being too try-hard. 

However, my favourite has to be Vanessa Hudgens. Such a nice surprise, particularly as she won this year's Fug Madness over at Go Fug Yourself. The Blumarine dress she wore for the photocall is elegant and very Emma Stone. Her bob has grown out nicely too. Every time I see this wavy do, I'm tempted to head down to my hairdressers. Yet, it is the gorgeous Temperley London dress she wore to the premiere that is my absolute favourite. It is definitely one of the best dresses I have seen this week. Ah, good old Temperley London. 

But for now, good luck Selena, Vanessa and Ashley- may the odds be ever in your favour. Will you be watching Spring Breakers?

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