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Seth Cohen I Command You To Save Summer Roberts From Darth Vader

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

And leave Blair Waldorf alone.

Today, it was reported that Seth Cohen (ok, Adam Brody) is dating his The Oranges co-star Leighton Meester (yes, Queen B, see here). It got me thinking about the good old days when Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody were together on-screen and in real life. The show was the coolest (for at least the first two seasons) and they were the 'It' couple for all the teens and twentysomethings. They were the couple everyone wanted to emulate- how many Seth/Summer wannabes did you know? How many arty nerdy guys breathed a sigh of relief once they realised Seth Cohen made it ok to voice their love of comic books? How many 'cool girls' breathed a sigh of relief when they realised it was ok to voice their love of the arty nerd? See, they were just blimmin' perfect. And then...they weren't. And they moved on. As you do when you're twenty two- or whatever. 

Rachel moved onto her Jumper co-star  Hayden 'Darth Vader' Christensen and they both kind of disappeared for a while. Hayden is still technically not around. I just checked his IMDB page and he has a few films in production. It's a shame because when I really think about it, he was like the Andrew Garfield of his day, wasn't he? 

Anyway, back to Seth and Summer...Adam went...somewhere with Brangelina? To an older woman? I can't remember what I read way back then. However, I guess the main point is that neither has been as high profile independently as when they were together, which is fine, I suppose, if they don't fancy being in the limelight anymore. 

This is a bit of a nonsensical post that isn't going anywhere decent anytime soon. I guess I just wanted to say: Seth and Summer, I miss you but I accept that you're happy with your current partners. In all seriousness, Leighton Meester seems like a really cool, down to Earth person. Kind of like Rachel Bilson. Maybe they'll become friends and have to do the awkward double dating thing like Zoe, Wade, George and Tansy...

Ok, I'll sign off now because I'm obviously having a bit of trouble separating fiction and reality. Back to the England game! 

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