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Top Ten Tuesday: First Encounters

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's theme is: Top Ten New To Me Authors I Read In 2014. 

I glanced back at this year on Goodreads and to be honest, I'd say about 75% of this year's list is comprised of new to me authors. So, I whittled it down by saying 'ok, the story was great but how about the writing?' because you can have a brilliant story and some rather questionable writing, can't you? 

Laura Hillenbrand - Unbroken - I'm not really a horsey person so I haven't seen or read Seabiscuit. However, I knew I had to read Unbroken before the film was released. I was amazed at how she managed to fit everything in, keep it flowing, and not make it sound like she was throwing fact after fact at us. 

Lizzy Charles - Effortless With You & Perfectly Messy - I don't think I ever got around to reviewing these books on here but I really liked them! They're contemporary romances but the characters were smart and grounded and the second one pre-empted the horrific cyber attack on Jennifer Lawrence and the many other actresses targeted. 

Cristin Terrill - All Our Yesterdays - I didn't manage to read this when everyone was raving about it but I finally found a copy and was blown away. Again, the story isn't wildly 

Adi Alsaid - Let's Get Lost - If I'm reading YA, it'll probably be contemporary. Eventually, the stories can all blur together and become a bit samey - in both plot and tone. However, I thought Let's Get Lost was a breath of fresh air. It seemed a lot more mature as well, which I liked.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - Amercianah - Americanah was a feat of genius because she managed to entwine a rich, compelling story with on the nail social commentary without sounding too preachy. 

Abigail Haas - Dangerous Girls - Yeah, I was late to the party on this one too. A juicy and scandalous, edge of your seat kind of book. I think Shonda Rhimes and her team should work it for the small screen. Oh and it was the perfect length. I'm all about keeping things as long or short as they need to be (whether we're talking about books, films, or even day to day conversations). Make your point and make it well and boy did Abigail Haas do that. 

Favel Parrett - Past the Shallows - I don't think I ever fully recovered from this one. Bleak but extraordinary. 

Holly Goldberg Sloan - I'll Be There - This read like a film. It was smooth and full of interesting characters yet distinct. 

Graeme Simsion - The Rosie Project & The Rosie Effect - It was a bit like an early Christmas with these books. I just adored The Rosie Project when I read it in the spring, so I was nearly jumping up and down when I found out about the sequel. Don is such a memorable character. The writing reminds me a little of Adrian Mole and as with Adrian, I'm sure Don will be a much loved character many years down the line. 

Andrew Smith - Winger - The ending. The whole book is superb but that ending takes the book to another level. Again, another classic in the making I'm sure. 

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