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The Descendants

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Awards season always makes me feel culturally overwhelmed. More than likely I haven't seen most of the films nominated, so I try to cram them in whilst nodding knowingly when discussions arise.

So, I finally got round to watching The Descendants and boy do I wish I could have those two hours of my life back. The cinematography was stunning but the film itself lacked the wow-factor expected after all the awards hype.

George Clooney was good but if anything, the younger actors outshone him, particularly Shailene Woodley. I couldn't believe that was the same girl from The Secret Life of the American Teenager!

It was interesting to see that it was a book adaptation, as throughout the loooong two hours I kept on thinking it would probably play out better in novel format rather than the silver screen. The novel probably provides a greater back story with regard to the cousins and the land- also more of Elizabeth's life before the accident and what led to her secret.

The score was beautiful and wonderfully accompanied the breathtaking shots. I will have to look into purchasing the soundtrack. Also, it was a brilliant piece of tourism propaganda for Hawaii- I want to go now more than ever.

So, overall despite being a little on the long side, it was still a decent family drama.

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