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RTW: Quarterly Check In

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This Week's Topic: Quarterly check-ins! We're already 1/4 of the way through the year--where are you on your reading and writing goals?

Reading Goals
Well, after successfully meeting my goal of 70 books last year I considered going for 75 this year. However, at the last minute I decided on 80. It was stressing me out to begin with because I hate feeling behind in anyway but over the past few weeks I've decided to ignore the little Goodreads update bar and just enjoy my books. If I make it to 80 (which is unlikely) then that's great but if not, no big deal. 

Writing Goals
I didn't set any writing goals. When I first found YA Highway over Christmas I just jumped in and did the RTW. However, after nosying around a little more I realised that the commenters were REAL WRITERS! As in authors of books I have read or heard of. So, I decided not to post my link in the comments anymore! I am not a real writer. I only write for fun. I wrote my first MS (see, I've learnt the lingo a little though) because I couldn't find anything to read that was similar to Adrian Mole or Angus, Thongs. This was just before I received Gossip Girl as a Christmas present, which opened up a whole new world of reading. Anyway, I continued working on that MS up until I finished sixth form but I still read it at least once a year. I've never finished another but I have a couple of ideas that I work on now and then and of course there's NaNoWriMo. Mainly, I just like filling out the little prompts in Scrivener and making PowerPoint presentations full of character and setting pictures.Anyway, back to the original question...I don't have any goals but I have recently changed the time frame and tweaked the setting for one of the ideas and it has made such a difference. Suddenly there's life again! So, I'm quite happy with this one at the moment. 

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