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You, Yes, You

Monday, March 25, 2013

Does anyone know if the Sloppy Firsts movie is still in the works?

I was just scrolling through some of the Kids Choice Awards red carpet photos (as you do) and came across Bella Thorne. I think she's on a Disney show. Ok, I know she's on a Disney show- I watched Shake It Up A LOT with my cousins last year (and occasionally without them). However, that's all beside the point- I think she could be Jessica Darling.

Take out those hair extensions, give her a chin length bob and voila - Jessica Darling. These images completely convinced me too (here, here and here). She's fifteen, so by the time this project gets off the ground, she'll probably be sixteen- maybe nearly seventeen- which is the perfect age. Also, she could grow with the characters, providing they make the sequels too. Better still, why not just turn it into a television series (although not on The CW)? Goodness knows we're all in need of a quality teen drama.

Anyway, that's my two pence. Fans of the Jessica Darling books, what do you think?  

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