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So Give Me Coffee And TV

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The 2012-2013 television season is over but before we run to our box sets and marathons of Extreme Couponing, let us take a look back on this year's race for best in show.


Mindy started off great, got a little shaky but dominated down the home straight. Nashville, The Good Wife, Suits and Hart of Dixie were all consistently excellent. Game of Thrones was running a completely different race but a great one nonetheless (that wedding!). New Girl and Real Husbands of Hollywood were up and down but provided much needed comic relief.

Losers / Did Not Finish (aka Most In Need Of A Dr Bailey Kick Up The Proverbial)

Get your act together you guys. You used to be on my favourite's list. Man up and come back fighting next season. 

I Respect Your 'Realness' - Best Reality TV

Patti is brilliant, Kourtney and her family are so sweet, Spenny and Louise and friends continue to entertain as they show us how the other half live, NeNe and Phaedra are two of my favourite reality TV stars, and Dani is one of the most sympathetic reality stars on television right now.

Sure To Be Missed 

Goodbye Ivy, unfortunately they did not want to let you be our star. It was nice to see a slice of Broadway on our small screens every week - and those Shaiman & Wittman songs were stunning. I play Let Me Be Your Star - rather haltingly but with mucho gusto - on the piano every weekend. Most of all I will miss Rachel Shukert's recaps (if you are a Smash fan and have not read them, do so right now although be warned you will never look at the show the same again). I understand Happy Endings is/was an acquired taste but I will miss this gangs banter soooo much. The same goes for Ben and Kate, which was a sweet show with potential. I can't even talk about it. It was inevitable. It was necessary know I love you *sniff* XOXO.

Requests For Summer Viewing Reruns

I want to see some of the good drama shows of old this summer. Plus, I could do with seeing Greek again too.

I also need to catch up with Scandal, Homeland season two (it clashed with Downton Abbey on Sunday nights over here), House of Cards, and Justified.

Finally, I really need to watch Southland. I've wanted to watch it for ages and now that it has been cancelled, hopefully More4 will show it all over again or there will be some nicely priced packages on Amazon. 

What have you enjoyed/loathed watching this season? 


  1. I was so bummed about Happy Endings being cancelled. I loved that show. House of Cards is brilliant. I hope you like it. I need to watch Homeland Season 2, also. I don't have Showtime, so I just watch seasons of their shows (Dexter and Homeland) on DVD when they are released. I like watching them back-to-back anyway so it works out. I gave up on Glee last season. I didn't watch any of this one. The newest show I'm loving is Hannibal. So good. Fun post!

    1. Yay another Happy Endings fan! Hannibal has only just started over here so I'll definitely check it out. I'm three episodes into House of Cards - compelling stuff.

  2. I'm glad THE GOOD WIFE is on your list of top shows. It's one of my favourites. I don't think there's been a bad episode yet and the writing is so clever! A very fresh take on a law show. You've reminded me that I have several episodes of HART OF DIXIE that I haven't watched yet. Oops. Better get on that. I think my favourite new show this year was ELEMENTARY. I love Johnny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes.

    1. I've been a faithful follower of The Good Wife since the first episode. Julianna Margulies has such a quiet, dignified but powerful presence as Alicia. Also, it has one of my favourite television themes - short and simple but the build up is always effective.

      I've heard a lot of good things about Elementary. I'm crossing my fingers that the series will be shown again over summer (or at least be put on our on demand service).


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