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Summer Reading: Part Two

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Summer I Became A Nerd by Leah Rae Miller

WHAT'S THE DEAL? Maddie is a popular cheerleader with plenty of 'cool', popular friends and the obligatory QB boyfriend. Maddie also loves comic books and sci-fi movies but this has to be kept on the DL during school time. However, once summer rolls around, Maddie shakes off all pretences and indulges in her hobbies. Things change after she tries to find a copy of the latest edition of her favourite series and Maddie soon finds herself with a new set of friends and learns more about herself than she could have ever imagined. 

ANY GOOD? I had been looking forward to reading this and I wasn't completely disappointed. After eventually suspending belief that in 2013 Maddie had to live a double life, I got into the story (I thought it was like this nowadays). There could have been more larping and fewer visits to the aquarium/diner/bowling alley but still, it was a nice book with a nice message. I read a post the other day on +Clear Eyes, Full Shelves about annoying recurring complaints from adults reading YA. Whilst I agreed with it mostly, I'm not sure about point number three. True, there doesn't have to be a lesson in there but most YA contemporary has a message of some sort, somewhere, right? The whole point is to make the teen reader realise 'ok, I'm not alone here, even though it might feel like it sometimes'. I don't really want to talk about this in full here but I had to put my two pence in the pot. 

Anyway, back to the book: I loved her name. Maddie Jean Summers. I wonder which series is the author's favourte...

ADD TO BASKET? Yes, whilst it's still summer. 

The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen 

WHAT'S THE DEAL? Emaline is spending the summer before she starts college working at her family's beach resort. Things get complicated when her biological father and stepbrother decide to stay nearby, along with the Rachel Zoe of documentary filmmaking and her Seth Cohen type assistant. Throw in changing friendships and relationships and Emaline's summer ends up being a lot more stressful than first anticipated. 

ANY GOOD? It wasn't my favourite Sarah Dessen (This Lullaby will always be top) as it was a little too slow. However, Emaline was strong and driven and very mature. It was interesting to see the summer from the POV of year-rounders rather than summer visitors. The father vs. dad/ nature vs. nurture debate that played out was also thought-provoking. The romance wasn't the focal point, which was nice, and the little brother was adorably written. Overall, it was nice. 

ADD TO THE BASKET? If you're a Sarah Dessen fan and/or you like a gentle stroll of a novel. 

Game, Set, Match by Jennifer Iacopelli

WHAT'S THE DEAL? Penny, Jasmine and Indiana are all training at an elite tennis camp either on the verge- or in Penny's case, actually, - turning pro. The first installment charts their preparation for the French Open. 

ANY GOOD? I read this during Wimbledon, which was excellent timing. I really enjoyed it as it reminded me of The It Girl with tennis. I think it's going to be a fun little series. Although, as with Hooked, the cover is misleading as it's not really a full on romance novel. I wish the cover depicted the three girls (who were from a mixture of ethinic backgrounds, which was nice) looking fierce. Like Make It or Break It. 

ADD TO THE BASKET? If The It Girl meets Make It or Break It sounds like your kind of thing. 

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