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Jennifer, Juniper

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Everybody loves Jennifer Lawrence (myself included). She's our new imaginary BFF, right? This is her latest endearing act that has set the online world a-twittering. 

So, I got to thinking, has J-Law stolen the crown from our former "aw shucks, who me?, pshaw" queen of all the next doors? Yes, Jennifer Aniston. Remember her? 

It also got me thinking, what is it with all the Jennifer's cornering the market of relatability? No, that isn't a real word but it should be. Is it something to do with the name? I love names - there must be a specific term for us Nameberry addicts- but Jennifer means "white shadow, white wave", which doesn't help solve the mystery. 

Anyway, back to the Jennifer's. From the block, we have our sistah Ms Jennifer Lopez. Our mother hen and real life Good Wife, Jen Garner. Our sure to EGOT one day but still down to earth girlfriend J-Hud. Heck, even our 'Baby' Jennifer Grey, who still managed to win everyone's hearts and snatch the Dancing with the Stars title a few years ago. 

On the flip side, think of the Jessica's. Mmes Alba, Biel, and Simpson have all tried (some might say a little too hard) to be our buddies but cannot seem to muster the same cult following as the Jen's. Except maybe Ms Simpson but it's too close to call. 

So, what's in a name? Can you think of any other celebrities sharing the same first name and public perception? Here, listen to Donovan and have a think about it. 

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