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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I've always been a fan of The Gap - especially during the summer. My sister often makes fun of me for frequenting this inoffensive (or boring as she would say) clothes shop. During that scene in Crazy, Stupid, Love she cackled and nudged me knowingly, then assaulted me with the phrase for a little while until she grew bored and forgot about it (hopefully she's not reading this now).

My love mostly stems from being indoctrinated by their adverts as a child. Well, I like their Breton stripes, polka dots, and denim a lot too but back then, it seemed like an Event when a new Gap advert premiered. Well, it did to me anyway and I wanted to be in one so badly! So I wanted to look back on some of the adverts that made the most impact on my younger self. 


This was probably my favourite. I remember we'd all do the dance.


I looooved this one - can you guess why? I wanted to be the lead singer! Look at her killing it, rocking that natural hair. The 90s/early 00s was a nice time to grow up. Positive messages. Diversity on the screen. What went wrong?


The Christmas ads were always cheery and memorable. I STILL think of this at Christmas nowadays. Forget high concept, pull on your heartstring, mini movie adverts. THIS is a Christmas advert people. 


This advert introduced me to Donovan. Need I say more? Exceptm once again, I would've paid big money to be in one of these adverts.


I remember my mum and my gran loved this one. Once again, we all learnt the dance. 

Some others: West Side Story Crazy Cool; Missy and Madonna (I remember we were on holiday in Florida when this came out); More Christmas; Give A Little Bit

There's nothing really like these adverts anymore. It's all about being rather silly or overly sentimental to get the product trending on Twitter, which is fair enough but...I preferred these. I'll stop romanticising the 90s now but go on, admit it, you wanted to be in a Gap ad too! Right? 

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