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Monday, April 28, 2014

Did you see The Other Woman this past weekend? From the time I first heard about it, I decided I'd go and see it because a) I'm a Cameron Diaz fan and b) I feel like I need to step up in terms of supporting female and/or ethnic minority driven films. I really don't like the cinema experience these days but money talks.

The film was quite funny and very sweet. Definitely one to see with your BFF. It was Leslie Mann's film and she was really quite great as Kate who, in the hands of another actress, could've been extremely annoying. Leslie Mann did a nice job of portraying a conflicted, hurt, and somewhat lonely woman who needed a bit of outside encouragement. Her brother's appearance in the film really helped to humanize her too. Cameron Diaz is always a presence on the big screen and that was no exception in this film as she played no-nonsense, tough talking, lawyer Carly. Together, Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz made a great double act. There were some truly laugh out loud comedy scenes too, playing off their height differneces. As a 5 footer myself, I related to the Kate character in that respect! Finally, Kate Upton's role as Amber wasn't that big but she was an important link in terms of amping up the friendship, sisterhood aspect of the film. The script called for her to be the ditzy blonde but she managed to come across as sweet and a tad naive rather than bimbo-like. The male supporting characters were all very well played too. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was very funny as the serial cheater of a husband. He kind of hammed it up, almost panto-villain like, but I think it was fine for this kind of film. Anyway, considering GoT, Jaime Lannister is a rather complex and layered character so we know he can act. 

However, all that being said, I'm in no way saying the film was perfect. Something felt missing but I just can't put my finger on it. Perhaps it was more to do with the editing? Also, as my sister pointed out when we watched the trailer, it's kind of like John Tucker Must Die 2.0 - and obviously there are plenty of comparissons to The First Wives Club. So, sure, the story wasn't original but the ladies really seemed like they were good friends off the screen and it helped create a warmth to the film that made you smile just a little bit.

The soundtrack was excellent except for the inclusion of Girls Just Want To Have Fun during a montage scene (always fade out in a montage - montaaaage). I personally might've started the scene with Girls... but then record scratch cut it and restarted with something a little more fierce by I don't know, someone like M.I.A or even good old Nicki Minaj, who is in the film! Then again maybe those  kind of songs are expensive. Or maybe the director/music supervisor/producers wanted a reference point for a certain target audience but come on, we're in 2014! Girls Just Want To Have Fun needs to be retired as the ya-ya, besties forever theme. However, the music supervisor won me back with the inclusion of Tried By 12 - awesome. (Even though that scene was kind of uncomfortable but that's a discussion for another day).

Overall, The Other Woman is a really fun film. The whole way through I couldn't stop thinking it would have been a brilliant, "chick-lit" book back in the day. Is it a book?! Still, the best thing for me is that, even though I don't like going to the cinema anymore, it was still nice to be part of a big group of women all giggling and enjoying themselves. Dear Hollywood, more please?

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