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Holiday Road Trip- Day Three

Friday, December 28, 2012

Best “I Want To Go There” Setting in a Book

The Fault In Our Stars- Amsterdam. I actually managed to achieve this one last weekend. It's a lovely city and everything was very Christmassy so that made the trip extra special. However, we didn't manage to go to the Anne Frank House! Never mind, it is only 40 minutes away by plane (I know! I was surprised too) so I'm sure we will go again in the summer. 

Amsterdam 22/12/2012
Other notable mentions:

The Disenchantments- Road trip from San Francisco to Seattle
In Honor- Austin to LA road trip with a stop at the vortex place. I just loved this book.

Favourite YA Characters

Jordan Woods- Catching Jordan- A no nonsense, football playing  tour de force. Someone you definitely would want to be friends with.

Alex Patrick- The Mockingbirds Novels- Still upholding justice at her shady private school.

Colby, Meg and Alexa- The Disenchantments- Just too cool. Didn’t really like Bev though. 

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