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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's that time of the week again - Mad Men Wednesday. So, another bout of adverts? Yes? Ok, well in the spirit of Mad Men we will start with the drinks:

Southern Comfort - Whatever's Comfortable (Wieden & Kennedy NY)

Such a great advert for my favourite tipple. It's an old advert (think it premiered last year) but it has returned to our screens just in time for summer. 

Also see Stella Artois - Quest (Mother). I love their adverts. They're always so classy. Very European.

Pepsi - Beyonce Mirrors (180 LA)

Beyonce and I might have had a falling out this year due to her "leaked" track and her comments on feminism but she's making it up to me with this advert. This is the Beyonce I love- the world class performer with a catchy but not too try-hard song. Fingers crossed her live show is more like this advert than that track.

Sony Xperia Z - Sound, Vision, Colour and Detail (McCann London)

This advert has been out for a while but I always stop to watch it. It's visually stunning and is elevated by the use the David Bowie snippet. 

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