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Where's My Old Fashioned?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I've always been a little bit obsessed with adverts. I remember at primary school, my friend and I would spend ages reciting our favourite ad's and coming up with our own. Perhaps I am pursuing the wrong career path...Anyway, in honour of tonight's UK premiere of Mad Men season six, here are a few that have stuck in my head this month: 

Ambrosia - Pudding (JWT)

I can't even eat any kind of Ambrosia (Alpro fake custard for me) but I just love the feel of this advert: everybody coming together; the voice over; the way the voiceover says "pud-ding" because that's how we say it in our house; oh and most importantly, for me, the music (kudos to whoever chose it/commissioned it/ composed it). So sweet. It's a very warm advert, perfect for this weather (although it's warming up!!). It reminds me of last year's Rice Krisipies advert that ran through the summer of rain. Speaking of...

Kellogg's Rice Krispies - Days Out (Leo Burnett London)

Aw, it's just too cute, isn't it? Again, it's the music that does it for me. However, their best advert of recent times was definitely the Snap, Crackle, Pop retro sounding one (funnily enough it says the music was composed by the composer of The Triplets of Belleville, a soundtrack I will always associate with So You Think You Can Dance). 

EDF - Together We Are Beautiful (AMV BBDO)

Finally, for now, this one. I didn't like the little character the first time round (its name is Zingy, apparently) and nobody is feeling like being friends with the energy companies right now but I had a chuckle when this came on. Mainly because I LOVE this song. It reminds me of Yes Sir, I Can Boogie and my attempt to turn the conservatory into a roller disco-sans roller skates. 


Completely unrelated, if you love fashion, I implore you to visit GFY and view this year's "One Fugging Moment"- it had me in stitches and I could not get the song One Shining Moment out of my head. Fug Madness really cheered me up this month- and I started actually watching the basketball too!

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