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Blake's Got A New Face

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So, last week Blake Lively talked about her forthcoming lifestyle brand. This seemed to be met with responses ranging from 'bleh' to 'girl please'. Not too many people seemed enthusiastic about it, which wasn't terribly surprising as we've spoken about the Mocktress before and in the wake of talents such as Jennifer Lawrence taking Hollywood by force, people are getting a little tired of those who seem to be faking it. However, I'm quite excited to see what she puts out there! Yeah, I agree with Lainey, her quote was a bit wishy washy. A one-of-a-kind life is no longer one-of-a-kind if everyone's living it, so she might want to tighten up on her spiel for when she launches the brand. Nevertheless, I want to know more. 

As I mentioned on here before, I'm not really the target market for Oprah and Martha, I don't have a child so Alba is out, and I'm not exactly rolling in it like Goop ($800 for a jumper, are you serious lady?!) However, twenty-somethings are a great market. We're just starting out on our own but like to look to the left and right for reassurance from our peers. This is why I enjoyed Candidly Nicole (even though she is in her early thirties, her content was accessible to my age group) and I also like to browse Lauren Conrad's website.

Blake has great style - ok, it might be hit and miss but isn't that the case for all of us who dress ourselves? - and regularly discusses her penchant for baking and homemaking. She did a little thing for Vogue where she cooked for Elettra Wiedermann (below) and there's no denying her charm, so I'm definitely going to check out her brand - so long as she's not promoting $800 jumpers. Ugh. Aspirational but accessible please Blake. 


  1. This sounds really cool. I might have to check it out once it's launched. I don't know, there's just something about Blake Lively that's so darn likeable. Thanks for mentioning this! :-)

    1. She always seems so happy and bubbly. It's nice to see a celebrity enjoying the fruits of their success rather than complaining about paparazzi or something like that.


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