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Let the rain fall down

Friday, October 18, 2013

I've not been well these past few weeks so once again I'll just say everything I've wanted to say in short form.

Reading, 'riting, and absolutely no 'rithmetic

I've been stopping and starting so many different books these past few weeks. I'll put it down to the illness but I just couldn't get into The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I thought I'd get out of my reading funk by re-reading something, so I picked up Under the Rose (the second in the Secret Society Girl series, which I absolutely love) but couldn't get into that either. Not even with my casting re-jig with Amy now being played by Katie Cassidy rather than (a younger) Joanna Garcia in my head. Anyway, I've settled down and I'm slowly but surely pushing through The Giver and This Song Will Save Your Life, which are both excellent so far.

I finally read Where the Stars Still Shine and loved it. I will probably review it but then again everyone else’s reviews say what I want to say so who knows. Whilst I have your attention, there's one thing I would like to ask those of you who have read it because I'm having a bit of a moment (shall we put it down to the illness again? Yes, let's do that). At some point, Alex tells Callie the combination to the lock on his boat is the numerical version of his name - 1356. Callie works it out in a beat and he is impressed. Well, either she is a genius or I should hand back my degree. How does that make sense?! Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

In terms of writing, I've had a lot of fun planning my NaNoWriMo 2013 project. Whether or not I actually write it hangs in the balance but I've enjoyed the building process. These characters have been in my head for years, perhaps they're ready now? 

That's Entertainment
  • It’s been (American) football central in our house of late. I've been watching The League, The NFL Show on Saturday morning’s, and I caught some of the UNC/Miami game yesterday even though my adopted CFB team is Alabama because I like to say 'Roll Tide' whenever possible, just like these people.  
  • Also on the tellybox this week - Wins for Survivor, Good Wife (team Diane), and Mindy (ahem, or so I heard). MTV are reshowing all of Laguna Beach (yay, congratulations LC!) and it's still addictive.We are also still highly addicted to Gogglebox in our house. So simple, so funny. 
  • It’s ben a week of Hiddleston/Cumberbatch (and to a lesser extent Fassbender) mania. Aren’t those last names great? I can’t say I'm as obsessed with these fellows as some of you ladies but they all give good interview. However, the highlight has to be Tom Hiddleston throwing shapes in Korea.
  • You guys, we have to pace ourselves. The Oscars aren't until MARCH 2014 thanks to the Winter Olympics, so do we really need to start predicting nominees already? Good news though, Tina and Amy (yes, we’re on first name basis) are back for the Golden Globes 2014.
  • Say what now? Kenan Thompson thinks there aren’t enough funny black women out there. Why do we always throw each other under the bus? Dear Kenan, ever heard the phrase united we stand, divided we fall? 
  • Aww, poor Donald Glover. Seriously though, do you think we have a problem with oversharing these days?
  • US Elle covers have caused a stir. I don’t see the problem with Melissa McCarthy’s cover but some people do. For me, Penelope and her wonderful eyebrows wins everything, everywhere anyway.
  • Dario Marianelli, one of my favourite film composers, is doing a BAFTA talk at the Royal Albert Hall and I want to go so badly but a) it’s on a Monday and b) I don’t fancy going alone.
  • Avicii has grown on me a lot this week. I've also been listening to White Walls by Macklemore and Lorde (like everyone else). 
  • Kacey Musgraves was on Jools Holland. I love her album and this song (Merry Go Round if you get country blocked).

Have a great weekend one and all! Hopefully the weather where you are is a lot brighter than here!

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