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Friday, September 20, 2013

I've wanted to talk about these things all week but never got round to writing full length blog posts about them. So, without further ado, here are the things that have caught my eye this week:


Very - Everyday Stylish (St Luke's)                      
I don't really like the clothes on Very but this is a brilliant advert. If you're interested, the song is  Fine Shrine by Purity Ring. 

Tesco F+F - A/W 2013 (WARL)                  
Again, I don't really shop the F+F range but this advert is pretty cool. The song is What I Might Do by Ben Pearce. 

Bonus: I'm sure you've seen it by now but if not, head on over to Gawker and take a look at the latest Chipotle advert. I've never been to Chiptole, even though I worked opposite one of the only restaurants in the UK, and I don't know how it's received in the US but I'm sure they're getting a lot of new customers this week.


This was one of my favourite songs of the year anyway but it has gained new life with the added rap bit. If you haven't heard Overgrown by James Blake, which was quite rightly nominated for the Mercury Prize, go and have a listen now!

Also, Robin Thicke's new video has been getting more airplay. I know a lot of people think his videos are misogynistic, and 2 Chainz's verse is very weak (how many times is he going to 'get this thing in action'?) but I really like the dance routine by the Albany State Golden Passionettes and Alabama State Stingettes. Plus, the ending is very disco-y - pirouettes and high kicks galore. 


Jennifer Aniston is (not) pregnant? 
~Loki and Superman visit Sesame Street. 
~The Grace Kelly film doesn't look so good. 
~Emily Ratajkowski is Andie in Gone Girl, which is great for her but I still don't see Ben Affleck as Nick. 
~Do you, like, have vocal fry too? I've been watching a lot of the Kardashian's lately and have started to pick up their speech patterns, which is more than a little concerning considering I live in ENGLAND.
~Did you enjoy your Mindy/Jess double? 1-0 to Mindy so far...
~Zac Efron went to rehab. Hopefully he's on the road to recovery. 
~Kerry Washington was voted The World's Best Dressed Woman. Too right- you go girl!

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