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YA Superlative Blogfest 2013 - Day Four - Best In Show

Thursday, December 19, 2013

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My favourite colours and I love the font. Simple but effective. 

I loved how mature Alex and Callie were about their relationship and if/how they should proceed in the future. Cath and Levi need no explanation - if there's one thing I've learnt over the past few days, it's that we're all Fangirl fangirls. 

I'm sure Eleanor & Park will win lots of awards next year. I hope Where the Stars Still Shine gets some love too because there's so much packed into this little book. 
Most Likely To Make You Miss Your Bedtime  Fangirl
Favourite Finale or End of Series Novel Gallagher Girls - United We Spy by Ally Carter
I'm cheating here - I haven't actually read this yet but I'm sure it's a great end to a brilliant series. I haven't heard anything to suggest otherwise anyway.
Romance Most Worthy of an Ice Bath Maise & Evan - Unteachable by Leah Raeder
Flaming nora, I was not prepared for this. Thank goodness it wasn't my train read! 
Loved this book and it was nice to read a YA book with a male POV. 

I didn't realise The Sea of Tranquility was eligible for it or else it would've rivalled Fangirl won EVERYTHING. Anyone who knows me and my reading habits will know I love a good Aussie YA drama and both Raw Blue and Saving Francesca stepped up to the plate.

Book Most Likely to Make a Grown Man Cry Eleanor & Park or The Sea of Tranquility
Most people seem to have shed a few tears for Eleanor & Park, so of course it has to make the list. I don't cry whilst reading very often but The Sea of Tranquility completely tore me apart and I couldn't get it out of my head. Now and then, a book or a film or a song will come along and coincide with everything else going on in your life and completely gut you. 

Most Creative Use of a Love Triangle Fangirl or Flat-Out Matt
Cath-Levi-Reagan-friends-with/out-benefits-reminds-me-of-the-spelling-bit-in-Hot-Chip's-Over and Over. Ok, I'll stop that now. Also, Matt and Julie and Finn in Flat-Out Love and Flat-Out Matt because when you discover what you're meant to discover, even though you probably kind of guessed it in the Shocker.

Dazzling, sparkling, heartbreaking, more about my thoughts on them here, here, and here.

Most Likely To Make it in Hollywood (or at least the CW) Burn for Burn Trilogy by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian
Dawson's Creek meets Vampire Diaries meets Pretty Little Liars. If that's not a recipe for teen television heaven then I don't know what is. Get on it TV execs! 


  1. Burn for Burn would make an awesome show! :-D

    And the physical copy of The Sea of Tranquility was released in June, so we all figured that counted as a 2013 release. :-)

    1. If I'd known, it would've dominated my lists so maybe it's just as well!

  2. Yes, the FLATT-OUT books have a great love triangle. (I've only read FLAT-OUT LOVE, but still.) And I love that your list includes SAVING FRANCESCA. I'll read anything Melina Marchetta writes, and this was the second book of hers I read. Such a great story. I've been meaning to read THE PIPER'S SON for a long time now, too.

    1. The Piper's Son is my favourite Melina Marchetta books (of the ones I've read anyway). I love her writing so much!

  3. Sophia! I am just happening upon this post and discovering that we pretty much have identical literary tastes. We have so many favorites in common! Thank you so much for participating in our Superlatives Blogfest. I'm happy to have discovered your blog through it!

    1. Thank you for your comment Katy! I had lots of fun participating in the Superlatives Blogfest and look forward to keeping up with all of your wonderful blogs this year.


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