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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Every now and then I'm going to write about some people who inspire me and are going places. This week I'd like to talk about:


Ten Reasons Why Rashida is AWESOME:
  • Her name is Rashida. Not a name you hear every day - it means "righteous" in Arabic.
  • She has a February birthday. Yes, I am biased toward people born in the same month as me but isn't that the case for everyone?
  • Her dad is Quincy Jones - need I say more? 
  • She can sing really well.
  • She's not afraid to speak out about what she believes in. She called out the worryingly increasing numbers of pantsless singers on Twitter and then wrote an essay on the "pornification of our pop culture". Oh and she wasn't afraid to take on Tupac way back when either. 
  • She is open about her faith. 
  • She did a few Gap commericals. Rememebr when Gap commercials were a thing? My favourite was the mellow yellow one. 
  • She wrote a really sweet film called Celeste and Jesse Forever with Will McCormack. 
  • She studied Religion and Philosophy at Harvard (again, yes I am biased to people who have a similar degree to me but whatchagonna do?) 
  • I have a feeling she will be in the same league as Tina & Amy very soon - Go Rashida! 

What do you think? Do you agree? Whilst you're mulling it over, why not follow Rashida on Twitter and take a look at the trailer for her latest film with Chris O'Dowd and Nick Frost. I cannot wait to see this - I love these kinds of British films!

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