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What's Occurring?

Saturday, May 17, 2014

As I've said before, I've never really gotten into the habit of doing a Friday links type post but I often have little topics that I want to talk about or come across things in the week that warrant sharing, so I'll try and do this at least once a month. 

The Pages

  • I've read quite a lot recently but haven't felt like doing full reviews for any of them. That's not to say they weren't good. I might do a mini round up at some point.
  • Right now, I'm reading Obsidian by Jennifer L.Armentrout. It cropped up on a lot of lists for Top Ten Tuesday - Books like X TV Show/Movie, with the show being Star-Crossed. I've nearly finished it and, well...hmmm. We'll talk about it in relation to something else tomorrow. 
  • I finally read Life In Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina by Misty Copeland and LOVED it. Such an inspiring story. I also read Listen To The Squawking Chicken by Elaine Lui, which was so funny and heartwarming. Her mum sounds like a riot. 

The Soundtrack

  • I love Rita Ora's new song I Will Never Let You Down and Pharrell's Marilyn Monroe. Also still listening to Foster the People's latest album. Arctic Monkey's AM is STILL going strong for me. I haven't listened to them this much since Favourite Worst Nightmare.
  • As you can probably guess from my reading habits, I'm in a bit of a dance mood at the moment. As a result, I loved this video for Sia's Chandelier! I don't watch Dance Mom's (I tried to watch it once but couldn't stand the teacher woman) but apparently the young dancer is a regular on the show. Amazing. 

The Words

  • Technically I won Camp NaNoWriMo last month BUT I forgot you have to do the validate your word count thing so didn't get a badge or anything. Still, I was pleased to have met - and exceeded - my target. 
  • Also, I'm having fun playing with ideas for a new one. 

And The Rest...

  • Still no luck on the job front :(
  • I have recently discovered the wonder that is Chicago Fire. LOVE IT. It's like a tamer Rescue Me.
  • Thanks to Clear Eyes, Full Shelves I've been pushed to finish the first season of Dance Academy so I can get to the second season, which was written by the immensely talented Melina Marchetta.
  • Last week, I saw The Showman of Our Time a.k.a Mr Barry Manilow at a taping of The Graham Norton Show. It was great, especially as we got treated to a second performance of I Write The Songs due to technical issues. 
  • Only two weeks until Star Trek Live, which I cannot wait for. It's one of those events where they show the film and the score is played live alongside. That score is one of my absolute favourites (I wasn't keen on anything about Into Darkness). 
  • Let's finish with a video of Misty Copeland. After finishing the book, I watched dozens of Youtube videos of her because I've never had the honour of seeing her perform live. For some reason, I never used to watch any ballet or orchestra performances on Youtube because I thought it wouldn't be the same as seeing it live - like something would be lost - but I've gotten over that. Anyway, enjoy!

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