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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

So, Don, Peggy, Joan, and I have all made up again - yay! I finally got around to finishing season 6 of Mad Men (a whole year later) and have caught up with the first three episodes of season 7 - part 1. In celebration, I thought I'd revive Mad Men Wednesday, which kind of started last year but fizzled out once I dropped the show. Obviously. So, let's cut the chit chat and get on with the ad's (both Wieden + Kennedy, sorry. I don't work for them, I swear). 

Cravendale - Barry The Biscuit Boy  (Wieden + Kennedy)

I laughed so hard the first time I saw this and still it never fails to produce a chuckle. If you can't view the video for whatever reason, I beg you to go and find it elsewhere. You won't be sorry. I would love to have a conversation with the person who came up with this - I'm sure it would be interesting to say the least.

Nike - Winner Stays (Wieden + Kennedy)

The World Cup is almost upon us. Need I say more?

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