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Oh Mandy

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Last year I talked about how everybody loves Jennifer Lawrence and all the other Jens in Hollywood but didn't seem to be too keen on the Jessicas. I wondered if there were any other celebrities sharing the same first name and public perception, so I wanted to revisit the topic. If I were a pupil of Lainey's Faculty of Celebrity Studies, this would be my dissertation topic. 

Let's start with the Amandas. The Amandas of Hollywood seem to be quirky, kooky kinds of gals just walking to the beat of their own drum. Amanda Seyfried is known for giving some interesting interviews where she's not afraid to talk about her neuroses and issues; Amanda Peet is known for her unique sense of style; Mandy Moore has survived the music industry and Hollywood without seeming to succumb to scandal all whilst maintaining her integrity; and Amanda Bynes stood out from her other teen actor peers by taking on some truly hilarious roles and showing great range and promise. Hopefully she'll be back soon. 

Moving onto the Ems. Witty and sharp, effortlessly cool yet highly relatable, the Ems rival the Jennifers for the 'imaginary best friend' title. Emma Watson played our favourite heroine Hermione and like her character, Emma seems to go from strength to strength speaking out on important issues and impressing us with her sartorial skills also; however Emma Stone is the queen of twenty-something fashionistas with her enviable street style and easy humour - she always seems game when it comes to promoting her work yet knows how to kindly but firmly put journalists and the like in their place; Emily Blunt's dry British wit and charm help her stand out against the sunny Jen's, surely and heir to the crown held by the one and only Emma Thompson. Oh and we mustn't forget our Khaleesi - Emilia Clarke!

However, The Ashleys (no not those Ashleys) don't fare as well. Not overtly unlikeable but rather seen as interchangeable former teen actresses that like the Jessicas still seem to make it onto the Daily Mail at a rather alarming regularity. I can't tell you the last time I saw Ashley Greene, Ashley Tisdale, or Ashley Benson in anything (we don't get PLL over here) other than gym outfits. 

Similarly, the Nics get our backs up for one reason or the other. Prickly and aloof. Except maybe Nicole Kidman although she can be quite unreadable sometimes. Nicole Richie is a fashion queen but her acerbic wit doesn't always fly with everyone. Nicki Minaj is another whose words and actions divide and conquer. Nicole Scherzinger was all over the place during her tenure on the UK X Factor. Whilst she seems like a nice person, she often comes across as trying quite hard. Meanwhile Nikki Reed has always seemed more mature than her fellow former teen starlets but doesn't seem to generate the love.  

Finally, we have our Rachels. The girls next door, the sweethearts who for some reason just can't seem to crack the barrier like the Jen's and Em's. Our TV stars to their movie stars. Rachel Bilson has been a familiar face in our homes since the first time we first heard that opening piano riff and even though they threaten to cancel Hart of Dixie all the time, it is a testament to her likeability that her loyal fandom keep it going. Rachel McAdams is the modern rom-com princess. Had she come along in the nineties, I think we'd be saying 'Julia who?' Rachel Weisz is our classy friend from across the pond who can flip from rom-com to Oscar bait drama in the blink of an eyelid. 

Next time we'll look at our male actors who share names and perception along with those who are the one and only's - a law onto themselves. In the meantime, can you think of any ladies I've left off the list? I'll let Bazza play us out.

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