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Dare Me by Megan Abbott

Friday, January 4, 2013

Publisher: Picador
Format: Hardback
Rating: 2/5

I've had this on my shelf for a while as a result of a little rampage through Waterstones Piccadilly. I am currently trying to get through the rest of that pile whilst also devouring my copy of The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp by Eva Rice, courtesy of Quercus Books, to whom I am extremely grateful as I have been waiting for a new Eva Rice for a long time. A review will be with you shortly.

But I digress, back to Dare Me. Addy and Beth are your typical gruesome, twosome queen bee-yotchs that are now a staple of high school novels. Oh, and they're also cheerleaders- fancy that? However, the arrival of the tightly wound Coach French and a couple of recruiting officers halts double trouble in their tracks and their lives are turned upside down as they partake in a deadly game of  one-upmanship. 

I still don't really know what to make of this book. From the cover, to the blurb, to the subject matter, it seemed like it was my cup of tea. However, I felt absolutely no connection with any of the characters or even the plot. There are just no motives behind the actions- some of which are truly absurd. Why does Coach behave that way? What happened to her? What happened to Beth and Addy? Where are their parents? It was frustrating! There were just pages and pages of words that in the end amounted to very little indeed. 

Overall, this just wasn't for me. I really wanted to like it because there's so much potential for a dark, gritty, electric tale but it fell flat in my honest opinion. Give it a whirl if you come across a paperback or cheap e-book version. Let me know if you gleaned something I might have missed. 

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