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Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Now, I'm not really into beauty products all that much (hair products on the other hand...) but I've been wanting to sort out a skincare regimen for a while. I'm not getting any younger and, as they say, prevention is better than cure. So, after a lot of research (that means trawling The Fashionspot for posts on skincare routine), tallying, and crossing off brands I have already tried and disliked (looking at you Clinique and Clarins) I finally decided on Shiseido and Liz Earle. To be fair, Liz Earle got more raves but I like saying Shiseido. There is no place for such fickleness when it comes to skincare I hear you cry but Shiseido is a reputable brand- I could do a lot worse.

Anyway, I've started with the Shiseido 1, 2, 3 routine and so far I like what I see- skin definitely looks brighter. However, I prefer the smell of Liz Earle stuff so I might move onto that one soon. Smell is important, no? My friend and I were talking about this the other day. How can you walk around with something on your face all day when you dislike the smell? It just cannot be done. What do you think? 

I have also signed up for three months of goodies at Glossybox so fingers crossed I get some nice little testers. I'm not very good at committing to one product (as you can probably guess) so I thought this would be an interesting thing to do for a while. 

Next on the beauty agenda is to find a mascara that is good for people with sensitive eyes. But for now, which skincare brands do you prefer? 

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