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A Midsummer's Nightmare by Kody Keplinger

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

If I had read this book during the summer, I probably would have been raving about it for days. However, as the cold is starting to settle in and I am missing the Florida sun, I was not really in the mood for a summer novel (although the clue was in the title- I should have known better!). 

Whitley is a wild child intent on enjoying her summer break in between graduating from high school and starting college. Better still, Whitley is looking forward to doing all of this with her dad who is like her long lost BFF. Just before embarking on her summer stay with dad, Whitley ends up getting very drunk and has (what she believes to be) a one night stand. Her dad picks her up and suddenly the bombshells begin to drop, the main one being that he is remarrying and, oh yes, her fancyman is also her step-brother-to-be. Over the course of the summer, Whitley deals with cyber bullying, a physically present but emotionally absent father, a persistent almost step-mother, a too-cute little sister and a kind of brother she just can't get out of her head. 

I think the main thing I wasn't so sure about was the premise. I mean, I know we've been there and done the step-sibling love thing on Clueless but it just felt a little more creepy here- particularly as Whitley seemed to care for her new family (as far as I can remember, we never met Josh's side of the family in Clueless). I must say, I preferred The DUFF. Bianca was such a different and fresh voice whereas Whitley felt more like a regular YA good girl turned bad turned good again. 

I was going to discuss the name choices- particularly Whitley- but then I thought better of it. To each their own. Live and let live. I love the site Nameberry and there are some far more interesting name combinations on there than Whitley. Some people would probably hate the names I have chosen for my various projects. 

Anyway, overall I think A Midsummer's Nightmare would have made for a great summer read but ended up as just an average Autumn one. 

A little Midsummer music: 

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