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Music Makes The People Come Together Yeah

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Every time I visit The Guardian website I see a link to the Six Songs of Me Project. So, this evening I decided to check it out and ended up completing the survey. The results are here: Six Songs of Me.
Most days little bits of songs re-enter my head associated with a memory of some sort- many more than six- so for the next month or so, I will share some of these tracks. 

Firstly, since I quoted Madonna in the title it would be rude not to start with Her Madge.

Looking at the release date of this song, I was probably about 9 when it came out. It must have been on one of those compilation CDs that most kids get and I just associate it with fun times. It will always be one of my favourite Madonna tracks. I loved Frozen as a kid too. I distinctly remember seeing the video and being enthralled and I'm sure I cut the lyrics out from either Smash Hits magazine or Top of the Pops. In hindsight, I probably enjoyed it because it sounds a bit like a Eurovision song.

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