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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Continuing with my little music project, today I am remembering three tunes that I associate with childhood summers in Essex.

Lady (Hear Me Tonight) by Modjo

This laid back track just oozes summer vibes and reminds me of when it was actually hot during the summer months- as opposed to this Indian summer thing that's going on these days.

Another Chance by Roger Sanchez

I don't actually know if this was released during the summer (feel free to correct me) but it reminds me again of lazy days. More than anything, I remember the video. I was quite young when I saw it but it made me sad. Then it was played on Top of the Pops and I remember my uncle telling me about Roger Sanchez and then the story of house music.

Groovejet- If This Ain't Love- Spiller


 This song will always, always, always remind me of the first season of Big Brother. That summer- the year 2000, the new millennium- was brilliant. I was only 11 but completely enthralled by Big Brother- it was groundbreaking television.

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